HA! “without drama, without delay”

As is so often the case in Washington, Congress produced a Thursday night miracle, striking a deal to extend the payroll tax cut, unemployment insurance and the so-called doc fix for another two months.  That “miracle” all but guaranteed another brutal political fight at the end of February.  It also gives President Obama and Senate Democrats yet another opportunity to raise taxes on hard working Americans.

From the Washington Post:

“I’ve talked to Senate Republicans, plural, who think there should be a fair tax on rich people,” [Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid said. “I’m going to make sure that my conferees understand that this could be part of what we try to do.” 

Given that Dems dropped the millionaire surtax during the talks over the payroll tax cut earlier this month, you’d be forgiven for concluding that Dems may not take it up again. But when it comes to paying for the year-long extension, the two parties remain far apart, and Republicans are going to push for still more spending cuts.

Prior to striking a two-month deal, President Obama and Senate Democrats had taken job-destroying tax hikes off the table.  Emboldened, Senator Reid now renewing his push for a policy that cannot even pass his chamber.

The Hill describes the plan: 

The No. 1 issue next year will be that President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats will be fighting for working people while Republicans will be fighting for millionaires who they believe should make no sacrifice for America. 

Of course, conservatives do no seek to pit one hardworking American against another.  That is not how our country works.  That is not what makesAmericagreat.  But it the narrative the left will peddle all next year.

Yesterday, President Obama urged Congress to pass a yearlong extension “without drama, without delay.”  If that is more than campaign rhetoric, he should reject Senator Reid’s overtly political strategy…that would truly be a miracle.


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