Afternoon Blog Roundup

The following is a list of links from national blogs which relate to the issues we are discussing:

Big Government – Charles Johnson  –  Corruption in a California Congressional Redistricting?
Big Government –  J. Christian Adams  –  BREAKING: Confessions of Perjury Inside DOJ

The Foundry –   Ericka Andersen  –  Morning Bell: Defending Liberty and Security in Wartime
The Foundry –   Mike Brownfield  –  VIDEO: Season of Giving at Occupy DC? Not Quite.

Hot Air –  Ed Morrissey  – Obama to add signing statement to defense authorization opposing McCain-Levin amendment
Hot Air –  Ed Morrissey  – Final Q3 GDP revised down to 1.8%

National Review Online – Larry Kudlow  – Ryan’s Old-Fashioned Vision
National Review Online – The Editors  – Reid and the Payroll Tax

Newsmax –  Paul Scicchitano  – Taxpayers On Hook, Even if Obama Stays Home
Newsmax –  Martin Gould  – Democrats’ Medicare Ads Named ‘Lie of Year’

Red State –  Brad Jackson  – Corporate America’s Call for Immigration and Education Reform
Red State –  Labor Union Report  – Union Bosses’ NLRB Rams Through Ambush Election Rule

Townhall –  Kate Hicks  – Bill Clinton: ‘I’d Vote for Huntsman’

The Weekly Standard – William Kristol  – Biden vs. Obama

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