Afternoon Blog Roundup

The following is a list of links from national blogs which relate to the issues we are discussing:

Big Government – Education Action Group  –  NEA Throws Future Teachers Under the (School) Bus
Big Government –  AWR Hawkins  –  Fast and Furious Update: Rep. Issa Tells Holder to Expect More Hearings

The Foundry –   Alison Acosta Fraser  –  Enough Political Theater – Time for Congress to Get the Job Done
The Foundry –   Diane Katz  –  DOJ and FCC: Making the Wrong Call on Wireless Deal

Hot Air –  Ed Morrissey  – New Politifact Lie of the Year: Republicans voted to kill Medicare
Hot Air –  Ed Morrissey  – House kills payroll-tax bill, sets up showdown with Senate

National Review Online – Mona Charen  – Obama, Israel, and the U.S.
National Review Online – Michael Auslin  – What Next for North Korea?

Newsmax –  Martin Gould  – Tea Party Power Resurfaces in Budget Battle
Newsmax –  Newsfront  – Medicare Cuts Could Hit Hundreds of Thousands of Doctors Jan. 18

Red State –  Erick Erickson  – The Candidates
Red State –  Erick Erickson  – The Strategic Incompetence of Mitch McConnell

Townhall –  Erika Johnsen  – Irish Airline CEO Eviscerates EU Bureaucrats
Townhall –  Katie Pavlich  – Chris Christie: Obama Can Cry Me a River

The Weekly Standard – Elliot Abrams  – Blaming the Jews—Again
The Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper  – Number 3 at State Dept. on Kim Jong Il: Smart, Witty, Problem-Solver, Humorous, Engaged

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