Afternoon Blog Roundup

The following is a list of links from national blogs which relate to the issues we are discussing:

Big Government – The New Ledger  –  David Cameron’s Controversial Veto of EU Treaty
Big Government –  Publius  –  Supreme Court to Review Arizona Immigration Law

The Foundry –   Joe Luppino-Esposito  –  “Professor” Holder’s Criminal Law Lesson
The Foundry –   Lachlan Markay –  ‘Occupy’ Protesters Shut Down West Coast Ports as Violence Looms

Hot Air –  Ed Morrissey – Great news: Congress trusted less than lobbyists and used-car salespeople
Hot Air –  J.E. Dyer  – Navy buys biofuel for $16 a gallon

National Review Online – Mark Steyn – Statist Delusions
National Review Online – Mona Charen  – Obama’s Default Mode: Blame Israel

Newsmax –  Inside Cover  – Central Bank Steps in as Euro Confidence Still Lags
Newsmax –  Inside Cover  – Iran Says It’s Almost Done Decoding US Drone

Red State –  Erick Erickson  – The Omnibus: 3 x 24 = 72
Red State –  Brian Darling  – This Week in Washington – December 12, 2011

Townhall –  Erika Johnsen – Obama: ‘Companies Like Solyndra Are the True Engine of Economic Growth’
Townhall –  Katie Pavlich – Border Security? New Proposal Would Allow Entry Into U.S. Through Kiosks

The Weekly Standard – Jeffrey H. Anderson  – Repeal Is Overwhelmingly Popular
The Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper  – Obama’s Iran Policy: Containment

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