Afternoon Blog Roundup

The following is a list of links from national blogs which relate to the issues we are discussing:

Big Government – Publius – Obama Advisor Corzine: ‘I Simply Don’t Know Where the Money Is’
Big Government – Kevin L. Martin – Obama Administration Labels the Fort Hood Massacre as a Case of Work Place Violence

The Foundry – Jennifer Marshal – Why Tim Tebow Keeps Smiling
The Foundry – Nicolas Loris – And That’s Why You Don’t Give Subsidies

Hot Air – Ed Morrissey – Issa: Holder misled Congress on Fast & Furious to cover for staff
Hot Air – Ed Morrissey – Obama disapproval back over 50% in Gallup tracking poll

National Review Online – Victor Davis Hanson – Oil-Rich America?
National Review Online – Andrew Stiles – Obama’s One-Percenters

Newsmax – Tony Blankley – Obama and Liberals Got it Wrong in Egypt
Newsmax – Henry J. Reske – Obama Vacation May Cost More If Family Goes First

RedState – Brad Jackson – Robin Hood Tax Would Hurt the Little Guy More Than Big Banks
RedState – Ben Howe – The Regulatory Climate is Affecting More Than Business

Townhall – Michael Barone – Obama Pursues Rich and Poor, Not White Working Class
Townhall – Kate Hicks – Iraq Troop Withdrawal Proceeding as Planned

The Weekly Standard – Steven F. Hayward – Climategate (Part II)
The Weekly Standard – Gary Schmitt & Jamie M. Fly – Losing Afghanistan?

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