Afternoon Blog Roundup

The following is a list of links from national blogs which relate to the issues we are discussing:

Big Government – Capitol Confidential  –  The EPA Rap Sheet: State-by-State List of Harmful Effects from New Coal Power Regulations
Big Government –  Chriss W. Street  –  California’s Anti-Business Policies Impoverish All But the Top 25% of Wage Earners

The Foundry –   Bryan Riley  –  Freedom Is the Cure for U.S. Economic Woes
The Foundry –   Lachlan Markay  –  Navy Buys Biofuels for $15 Per Gallon From Stimulus-Linked Firm

Hot Air –  Tina Korbe  – Congressman files “no confidence” resolution against Holder
Hot Air –  Ed Morrissey  – Canada pulls out of Kyoto treaty

National Review Online – Michael G. Franc  – Obamacare: Leviathan Rising
National Review Online – The Editors  – The Folly of Russian Reset

Newsmax –  Inside Cover  – Obama Seeks to Leverage $1 Trillion Spending Bill
Newsmax –  Greg McDonald  – Issa Demands Answers on ‘Occupy’ Camping in D.C

Red State –  Daniel Horowitz  – Annual Deficit Will Absolutely Top $1 Trillion in 2012
Red State –  LaborUnionReport  – Obama Chooses New Manufacturing Czars From Among The 1%*

Townhall –  Katie Pavlich  – AZ Governor Ready For Supreme Court SB 1070 Showdown
Townhall –  Katie Pavlich  – Planned Parenthood: We Need More Funding to Create Jobs

The Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper  – The Anti-Arms Lobby
The Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper  – Special Report Panel on Iraq

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