Stop the War on our Military

Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) has introduced H.Res.441, which “express[es] the sense of the House of Representatives that further reductions to core national security funding will cause significant harm to United States interests.”

Providing for the common defense is a fundamental responsibility of our federal government.  Kudos to Mr. Forbes for standing up for the men and women of our military.

Too many politicians – especially liberals – like to blame national defense spending for our growing deficits and debt. As The Heritage Foundation explains, “even if spending on this crucial national priority was eliminated completely, entitlements would continue to drive deficits to unmanageable levels.”

Those same politicians and pundits neglect to admit that our military has become the national whipping boy for budget cuts, receiving nearly 40% of the total cuts outlined in the initial debt limit deal ($350 billion of the initial $900 billion), as well as additional cuts during the short-term CR and final budget deal earlier this year.

That is why the resolution goes on to affirm that “spending on national security did not create the current budget crisis and further cuts to national defense will not solve it.” Liberals may try to blame the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for all of our problems, but the truth is national defense accounts for just one-fifth of federal spending, while mandatory spending account for more than double that. And while the two wars of the last decade are winding down, President Obama allowed drone strikes to take place in Libya and has sent ground troops into Uganda. Cutting national defense, while engaged in four wars is dangerous.

There is no doubt that spending must be cut, but our military is suffering a readiness and capabilities crisis. If further military cuts come to pass, we run the very real risk America will turn into a second-class military power. That is simply not acceptable.

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