Spending Up in 2011 (Surprised?)

Despite all the hemming and hawing, despite all the liberal claims that spending cuts are now harming our economy, despite all the prolonged battles; spending increased in 2011 by $145 billion.

The next time you hear liberals crying foul of spending cuts and blaming them for the stagnant economy, know the truth.

Good conservatives cannot be blamed for this. They are the ones trying to cut spending, trying to get our government to live within its means, and fighting every day to reform our out of control entitlement spending. Unfortunately, they are the minority in Congress. Because they are flanked by spendaholic liberals and the Washington Establishment who have for decades increased spending while claiming to be restrained.

Where do we go from here? Good conservatives in Congress need to keep fighting, and we, the voters need to stand with those who are standing up for what’s right. We also need to keep electing Congressmen who fight for conservative principles


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