Solutions More Important than Compromise

Americans don’t like Congress (well, 9% of them do). A common refrain amongst the Washington Establishment is that Americans want “compromise” not “partisan bickering.”  We understand that the American people are frustrated with Washington gridlock, but elevating compromise and consensus above doing what’s best for the country is naïve.

“Compromise” is what has been leading our country down the path to bankruptcy. In the past, one party would propose to increase spending, then the other party would counter with an even bigger increase; they “compromise” and spending goes up somewhere in between the two proposals. The reason for the current gridlock is that some good conservatives have finally stood up as a group and tried to stop the increases all together.

A GOP strategist summed up the situation by saying some people “are valuing amorphous concepts like consensus above more tangible concepts like philosophy. Their biggest problem is that the so-called center is not homogenous. The center is lumpy, with one independent as different from the other as they both are from partisans.”

A Democratic pollster summed it up perfectly: “voters want to see compromise, but they want that compromise to achieve the goals they like.”

This is what Heritage Action does every day; convince lawmakers to stand by their conservative principles in order to save our economy. If they do this, the voters will reward them – good policy is good politics, as the saying goes. Continuing the status quo of “compromise” will only send us further to the brink.

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