Quick Look: Only in Washington

We have another minibus spending bill to keep the government funded for another month. Still no real budget. Over 900 days since the Senate has passed one. So we get these minis and the occasional CR, which fund the government for a few weeks. This silly, stop-and-start budget process is one of the reasons conservatives are losing the battle to cut spending.

Part of the new minibus includes increased funding for the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition program. Appropriators in the Republican-controlled House set a funding level for WIC, then Appropriators in the Senate proposed a far higher number. Instead of negotiating between the two spending levels, the final amount was higher than what the Democrat-controlled Senate approved.

WIC will be getting $6.6 billion in this agreement. That’s $570 million more than the House wanted, and $36 million more than the Senate wanted.

Only in Washington can one party propose one level of spending, the other party propose a higher level, and the “compromise” ends up spending even more. And the pundits wonder why Congress is so unpopular.

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