In Other News: Ohio Also Rejects Obamacare

While much of the hype has been surrounding conservative ballot initiatives across the country being defeated – the liberal media has neglected to report that in Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected President Obama’s government takeover of the healthcare industry.

Now, this vote is symbolic and has no weight over whether Obamacare will affect Ohioans, but the vote is telling nonetheless. More Ohio voters rejected Obamacare (a national issue) than rejected the collective bargaining limitations (a state issue). Sixty-six percent of voters rejected Obamacare, while sixty-one percent rejected limiting collective bargaining. Not a huge difference, but still telling.

It’s still troubling that voters wanted to reinstate overly generous government union benefits that are jeopardizing Ohio’s financial future, but with about $30 million spent in an off-year election on this one issue, it’s not terribly surprising. But with next to no money spent on the issue of Obamacare, voters expressed their true, unsolicited opinion. And keep in mind, just by the way the numbers work, many of these same voters are coming from union households that President Obama considers must-have supporters.  I wonder what would have happened if no money had been spent in support of government unions?

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