Heritage Action’s Week in Review

Oh, what a week. As always, our scorecard has been used to explain just who is and isn’t “conservative.” Bizzy Blog, and RedState have used our scorecard this week to suggest primarying those Republicans who don’t vote conservatively.

The Phoenix Business Journal used our scorecard to highlight Congressmen Trent Franks and Jeff Flake as Arizona’s two most conservative house members.

In a separate piece on RedState, Erick Erickson highlighted how our scorecard is showing that just because someone has an “R” next to their name does not make them conservative:

“For so long the GOP in Washington could hide behind surveys like the American Conservative Union survey, which shows just how much more someone is Republican than Democrat. No one actually did a survey that showed just how conservative the Republicans were internally. What happened was a lot of Republicans took up the conservative banner as their own, claimed to be conservative, and really were selling out conservatives in D.C. as much as the Democrats.”

Mr. Erickson goes on to say that, finally, someone is holding Republicans accountable (hint: it’s us).

Our other big mentions of the week come from the poll we released on Monday showing that a majority of Americans disapprove of energy subsidies. The Daily Caller, The Los Angeles Post, and The New American all mentioned our survey while discussing the latest energy department loan receipient to fail: Beacon.

Your steadfast commitment to conservative principles is what drives us. Getting noticed by the press is how we know we’re making a difference.

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