Heritage Action’s Week in Review 11/10/11

Heritage Action’s CEO, Michael Needham, wrote two op-eds this week, one for The Daily Caller about wasteful energy subsidies and the other for Politico about the need for government to spend less. In both instances, Mr. Needham gives the conservative position on why these spending cuts need to happen and what the economical impact will be if taxes are raised instead. From The Daily Caller:

“The best solution is to scrap all targeted subsidies across the board while simultaneously enacting broad-based corporate tax reform that results in simpler and significantly lower rates. This way, all energy providers, as well as industrial consumers of energy, would compete on an even playing field and have incentives to invest private (not taxpayer) dollars to commercialize, produce and utilize all viable energy products.”

And from Politico:

“The solution isn’t to pay for the spending with tax hikes, but to spend much less. Why should anyone be asked to pay more taxes just so Washington can continue to overspend? The tax hike crowd has no answer.”

Our team also had 11 radio interviews across the country on a whole host of issues, from the Presidential debate to Mr. Needham’s op-eds to the Republican’s $300 billion in tax increases. Getting our message out to local radio stations is a great way to spread our message to our dedicated grassroots activists.

We, along with several other conservative organizations, also wrote a coalition letter opposing the increase to Fannie, Freddie and the FHA’s conforming loan limits. Allowing these failing organizations to back loans up to $729,750 with taxpayer money is a recipe for disaster and should not become law.

Finally, The Hill reported on this letter, writing that:

“Other conservative groups, including Americans for Tax Reform and Heritage Action for America, joined the Club for Growth in sending a letter to lawmakers Wednesday criticizing the higher limits as part of the government’s ‘overwhelming and inefficient mortgage subsidies.’”

In addition to this letter, our own Dan Holler wrote an article for Townhall about this very issue, and we key-voted the Menendez-Isakson amendment several weeks ago. We’ve been at the forefront of this issue and will continue, with your help, to make sure that our government does not continue spending money in this way.

Your steadfast commitment to conservative principles is what drives us. Getting noticed by the press is how we know we’re making a difference.

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