Driving the Week: CR, Super Committee

Think back to early October, when a little-reported Washington battle changed erased everything good conservatives fought so hard for earlier this year: lower spending.

At that time, a short-term continuing resolution (CR) was passed to fund the government through November 18, which is this coming Friday. Instead of adhering to the spending levels agreed to in the House-passed Ryan budget, appropriators used the spending levels included in the August debt deal, which are higher.

The same thing is about to happen again. You probably haven’t heard anything about the next CR, which is exactly what appropriators want. Behind closed doors, they’re cooking up a CR that will include higher spending. With the report that spending actually increased in 2011 despite all the promises, one has to be disappointed.

Washington – and the media – have all been focused on the super committee, which must find at least $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction by November 23rd (next Wednesday). This focus has allowed appropriators to quietly work up a CR that will continue the status quo of more spending.

Good conservatives must bring this fight into the public’s eye. We can’t keep increasing spending (current spending levels are now higher than the stimulus-era levels), our economy simply can’t handle it. If Congress wants to live up to their promises, they will reject the higher spending levels coming in the next CR and adhere to the Ryan budget levels.

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