Afternoon Blog Roundup

Big Government – Jason Bradley  –  Wind Farm Follies and Renewable Energy Disasters
Big Government –  Larry Kudlow  –  Super Committee Tax Hike Spells Disaster

The Foundry –   Ernest Istook  –  Where Can Congress Find Room to Cut? Look to Obamacare.
The Foundry –   Mike Brownfield  –  Even in Liberal California, School Choice Gets Thumbs Up

Hot Air –  Steve Eggleston  – Senate Rules Committee freezes out Tea Party Debt Commission hearing
Hot Air –  Tina Korbe  – Pelosi proclaims her goal to “do for childcare what we did for healthcare”

National Review Online – Charles Krauthammer  – The Pipeline Sellout
National Review Online – Mario Loyola  – What a Downer

Newsmax –  Henry Reske  – Poll: Belief in US Supremacy Declines
Newsmax –  Inside Cover  – Wary Democrats Keep Distance from Occupy Protests

Red State –  Brad Jackson  – Germany Looks to Consolidate Their Power in the EU

Townhall –  Michelle Malkin  – The Accountability Charade
Townhall –  Ken Blackwell  – Obama’s Russia Policy: Trust, Don’t Verify

The Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper  – 51 Congressmen Urge Holder to Resign
The Weekly Standard – Dalibor Rohac  – Can Italy Be Fixed?

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