Afternoon Blog Roundup

State Blogs:

Michigan Capital Confidential – Tom Gantert – Growing Push to End All Energy Subsidies

National Blogs:

Big Government – Publius – Explosive New Book Documents Possible Insider Trading by Members of Congress
Big Government – Susan Berry – Breaking: Supreme Court to Take up Obamacare Challenge by March

The Foundry – Lachlan Markay – Report: 80% of DOE Green Energy Loans Went to Obama Backers
The Foundry – Patrick Louis Knudsen – Spending Bills Setting Up Reckless Defense Cuts

Hot Air – Ed Morrissey – Obama to spend $1 billion to bolster an already-expanding part of US economy
Hot Air – Tina Korbe – Ready for OWS to end, NYC residents protest the protesters

National Review Online – Victor Davis Hanson – What America Does Best
National Review Online – Tiffany Jones Miller – Progressivism, Race, and the Training Wheels of Freedom 

Newsmax – Wayne Allyn Root – Corzine’s Downfall Should Be a Lesson to Obama
Newsmax – Jim Walsh – Voting Rights Act Encourages Illegals to Go to Polls

RedState – Repair Man Jack – Another Argument For Smaller Government: Let’s Make Amerika The Good-Guys Again

RedState – Daniel Horowitz – The IRS as Tax Preparers? 

Townhall – John Ransom – Obama’s Newest Excuse: Lazy Americans
Townhall – Star Parker – America’s Time For Decision and Definition

The Weekly Standard – Rand Simberg – How Crony Capitalism is Undermining the Space Program
The Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper – Helping Syria?

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