Afternoon Blog Roundup

Big Government – Seton Motley – Will Senators Reassert Their Constitutional Authority, or Capitulate to Obama’s Authoritarianism?
Big Government – Paul Moreno – Left Tries an End-Run Around the Electoral College

The Foundry – Mike Gonzalez – The Unreported Tragedy of Cuba’s Repressive Communist Regime
The Foundry – Kathryn Nix – Surprise, Surprise: Yet Another Part of Obamacare Increases Premiums and Kills Jobs

Hot Air – Ed Morrissey – A Christmas gift to the Right

National Review Online – Victor Davis Hanson – Obama Unbound
National Review Online – E.J. McMahon – Cuomo’s Big Tests 

Newsmax – Betsy McCaughey – Ohio’s No Vote a Stinging Rejection of Obamacare
Newsmax – Frank Donatelli – Energy Independence Is Within Reach

RedState – Moe Lane – Eric Holder admits differences between F&F, OWR.
RedState – Neil Stevens – Stopping Net Neutrality in the Senate, National Sales Tax plan, CWA backs up AT&T 

Townhall – Michael Barone – Working for Fun Is No Laughs in Market Capitalism
Townhall – Cal Thomas – Surprise! Iran Has Nukes

The Weekly Standard – Lee Smith – Iranian Assassins

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