Afternoon Blog Roundup

State Blogs:

Michigan Capitol Confidential – Jack Spencer – Parents Forced to Pay Union Dues, Lawmaker Rakes in Health Care Money

National Blogs:

Big Government – Publius  –  Appeals Court Upholds Obama Healthcare Law
Big Government –  Jason Hart  –  Ohio Unions Out-Spend, Out-Spin to Beat Back Reform

The Foundry –   David Weinberger  –  Austerity Successes in Previous Downturns
The Foundry –   Nicolas Loris  –  Offshore Drilling Plan Lacks Something: More Drilling

Hot Air –  Ed Morrissey  – Taxing Christmas trees to … promote Christmas trees
Hot Air –  Allahpundit  – UN nuclear agency report: Yes, Iran’s been working on a bomb

National Review Online – Andrew Stiles  – The Disaster-Spending Battle Returns
National Review Online – Robert Bryce  – Paul Krugman’s Solar Eclipse

Newsmax –  Hiram Reisner  – McCain Says Senate Will Thwart New Fannie Mae Bailout
Newsmax –  InsideCover  – Bachmann Calls on Obama to Apologize to Israel

Red State –  Moe Lane  – Virginia Senate control hangs by thread

Townhall –  Katie Pavlich  – Combative Eric Holder Still Evading Responsibility for Operation Fast and Furious
Townhall –  Michelle Malkin  – The Great Stonewall of Obama

The Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper  – ‘Derisive’ and ‘Disgraceful’
The Weekly Standard – Jeffrey H. Anderson  – Anti-Obamacare Measure Sweeps All 88 Counties in Ohio

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