Afternoon Blog Roundup

State Blogs:

Michigan Capitol Confidential – Tom Gantert – Many Michigan Public Employees Among Country’s Top Wage Earners

The Nerve – Rick Brundrett – State Agencies Cry Poverty While Amassing Large Surpluses

National Blogs:

Big Government –John Nolte –  *UPDATED* #OccupyWallStreet: The Rap Sheet, So Far
Big Government – Carol Lee – Top Obama Aide Daley Demoted

The Foundry – Rob Bluey –  Without Fanfare of Ohio or Wisconsin, Idaho Enacts Sweeping Reforms
The Foundry – Kim Holmes – Why the Russian “Reset” Is Not Working

Hot Air – Tina Korbe – Pro-life nurses sue New Jersey hospital for requiring them to assist with abortions
Hot Air – Tina Korbe – Fast and Furious: Holder says GOP House kept law enforcement “in the dark”

National Review – Jim DeMint – We’re Still Not Cutting
National Review – Daniel Pipes – Friendless in the Middle East

Newsmax – Forrest Jones and Ashley Martella – Skousen: Actual Jobless Rate at Great Depression Level
Newsmax – Greg McDonald – Mass. Redistricting Could Aid GOP

RedState – Moe Lane – Occupy DC: Corporate-funded, corporate-controlled, corporate-aimed.

Townhall – Thomas Sowell – Numbers Games

The Weekly Standard –Matthew Continetti – About Inequality

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