Afternoon Blog Roundup

Big Government – Dan Mitchell  –  Germany’s Not a Good Role Model…Except When Compared to the Profligate U.S.
Big Government –  AWR Hawkins  –  Fast and Furious Update: 17 House Members and the NRA Seek Holder’s Resignation

The Foundry –   Thomas Messner  –  Yet Another Attack on Marriage
The Foundry –   Mike Kelsey  –  Boehner Keeps the Faith on Congress’ Constitutional Role

Hot Air –  Ed Morrissey  – Obama: We’re better off with my policies than four years ago
Hot Air –  Ed Morrissey  –   Greece cashiers its military leaders

National Review Online – Michael Tanner  – GOP Wastes Obamacare Opportunity
National Review Online – Phil Kerpen  – One Year Later, Obama Still Isn’t Listening

Newsmax –  Inside Cover  – Bowles: I’m Worried Supercommittee Will Fail

Red State –  Daniel Horowitz  – The RSC Jobs Plan: Jobs Through Growth
Red State –  Brad Jackson  – America’s Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb

Townhall –  Tony Blankley  – A Time For A Statesmen

The Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper  – Obama on the Economy: ‘It’s Always My Responsibility’

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