Afternoon Blog Roundup

Big Government  – Jeremy Pelofsky – Justice Department aide knew of earlier botched gun sting
Big Government – Jennifer Dobner – Supreme Court rejects appeal to stop highway crosses in honor of dead state troopers

The Foundry – Baker Spring – Nuclear Weapons Worth More Than the U.S. Is Spending
The Foundry – Jessica Zuckerman – Back-Door Amnesty? DHS’s Deportation Claims Questioned

Hot Air – Ed Morrissey – Breuer becoming the Fast & Furious fall guy?

National Review – Andrew G. Biggs – Are Public-School Teachers Underpaid?
National Review – Tevi Troy – Obama’s FDA Executive Order – Jim Meyers – Another Green Energy Firm Is in Trouble

RedState – Daniel Horowitz – Republicans Must Oppose Reid’s Minibus Bill

Townhall – Katie Pavlich – The Obama DOJ: Now Serving South Carolina

The Weekly Standard – Jeffrey H. Anderson – Americans’ Incomes Have Dropped 6.7 Percent During the ‘Recovery’

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