Urge Your Representative to Co-Sponsor A-PLUS Now

As we explained yesterday, the A-PLUS act is an attempt to remove a layer of costly bureaucracy from America’s education system. We’ve been calling on Representatives and Senators to co-sponsor the bill in Congress.

Now it’s time for conservatives to take action.

Government-run programs like No Child Left Behind create a top-down bureaucracy that forces schools to comply with centralized planning, not the needs of their own students. The A-PLUS Act, which is in the House of Representatives right now, will allow states to opt out of government education programs that make it difficult for them to actually educate children.

>> Call your Representative and urge a co-sponsorship of A-PLUS now.

When you click the link, our system will tell you whether your Representative is a co-sponsor of A-PLUS. Then you can make the call to thank your Representative or ask the office why they aren’t on the bill yet.

All Representatives who believe that educating our children is best left to the state and local governments should cosponsor H.R.2514, the A-PLUS Act. By focusing on education – and not bureaucracy – we all win. Make the call now.

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