Listen to Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

On Monday, Heritage Action had a great tele-townhall with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)!

Moderated by our Deputy Political Director Jessica Anderson, Sen. Paul and our CEO Michael Needham answered about 15 questions posed by our callers. The questions ranged from Social Security and health care reform to immigration and the super committee. Some callers even asked Kentucky-specific questions about coal production and bridge repair.

One caller wanted to know how to hold members accountable once they get to Washington. Sen. Paul directed the caller toward our scorecard as a means to hold Members’ feet to the fire.

Well I think if the American public knew how their Senators and Congressmen were voting, we’d get better government.

Listen to Sen. Paul discuss the scorecard:


Dozens of people were on hold throughout the call, pumped and ready to ask questions. A Tea Party group in Kentucky even listened in for their monthly meeting and one of their members was able to ask the Senator a question.

Talking directly to the people and answering their questions is the best way for lawmakers to get perspective on how their constituents want them to fix the country. It was a great call, packed with great information.

Listen to the full discussion:


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