President Obama Ditches “Created or Saved” Rhetoric

It was easy to pick up that President Obama’s “new” jobs plan is nothing more than Stimulus 2.0, just a bit smaller and probably more wasteful. But what’s really become interesting is the rhetoric that President Obama is using to sell it.

The word “stimulus” became toxic after the failure of his 2009 spending bill. When you listen to the President talk about his second, smaller stimulus, he always refers to it as a jobs bill or a jobs plan. He hasn’t once called it a stimulus; I guess his handlers told him it polls very badly.

He also no longer uses the word “spending” when talking about any of his policies. This actually changed in January with his State of the Union address, but it’s worth mentioning. He now says “investing,” and you may have noticed that this has caught on across the country. The word “spending” has all but disappeared from businesses across the country.

The most interesting change in the President’s rhetoric has actually been the absence of the phrase “saved or created” which was used as an arbitrary metric to judge (err…inflate) how well the first stimulus did (hint: not so well). The President simply claimed that every job created in this country since his Presidency was due to the stimulus.

He now claims that this stimulus will “provide support for” or will “prevent the layoff of” instead of “saved or “created.” I wasn’t even aware that “saved or created” was now a taboo phrase. Another poll driven shift, I guess.

The President promised that this new stimulus would have new ideas. I guess the only thing new about this are the words he uses to sell it.

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