Pres. Obama Blames GOP for Economy, Again

President Obama continues to bash conservatives for blocking his job-destroying “jobs” bill in the Senate, completely ignoring the fact that two Democrats who are facing tough re-elections also voted against it. He also ignores the fact that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) spent all of last week voting on a decade-old currency bill in order to avoid a vote for the President’s “jobs” plan.

But let’s put all that aside. Yet again the President is not only blaming conservatives for blocking his agenda, but also claiming that the reason they want to do that is because they want to destroy the economy to get him out of office. Right, it couldn’t possibly be that many of his proposals will do more to harm the economy than help it, oh no, it’s because conservatives don’t like him.

In an email to supporters, the President’s campaign said:

“It’s a bill that will put people to work immediately, and it contains proposals that members of both parties have said in the past that they’d support.

“But Senate Republicans want to block it. Not because they have a plan that creates jobs right now — not one Republican, in Congress or in the presidential race, does. They only have a political plan.

“Their strategy is to suffocate the economy for the sake of what they think will be a political victory. They think that the more folks see Washington taking no action to create jobs, the better their chances in the next election. So they’re doing everything in their power to make sure nothing gets done.

“There’s still time for principled Republican senators to declare their independence from this kamikaze political strategy. And the only way it can happen is if they hear from constituents like you today.”

The bill would not put people to work immediately, first of all. Remember shovel ready not being so shovel ready? There’s permitting processes, environmental reviews (which take years), plus hiring which has to occur. Most of the infrastructure projects wouldn’t be ready for years, and as we saw with the first stimulus, the money takes a long time to be doled out. Teachers wouldn’t immediately be hired back until the money arrived and a hiring process occurred. And, perhaps most important, it’s all temporary, make-work jobs that do nothing to create the sort of long-term sustainable growth our country so desperately needs.

Spending policies that have been supported by both parties in the past are what have damaged our economy. President Obama can’t claim to be about changing the way Washington works and then turn around and support the same big-government spending policies from the past. It’s about time that conservatives in Congress stand up and put an end to the big-government agenda that has become so commonplace among the Washington Establishment, no matter which party occupies the White House.

As for no Republican having a plan to create jobs right now, that is ludicrously false. Conservatives are out every day talking about their jobs plans. They’ve passed more than a dozen jobs plans in the House, which are now languishing in the Senate as Majority Leader Reid refuses to bring them up for a vote. Oh, and there was also the Ryan Budget, the RSC Budget and Heritage’s Saving the American Dream.

This is the liberal strategy: ignore the opponent’s plan, then claim they don’t have one. Oh, and then they call conservatives names or say their opposition to higher taxes and more regulations is a “kamikaze political strategy.” How do higher taxes on jobs creators create jobs in the private sector? How do they create long-term, full-time employment in the private sector that isn’t reliant on government handouts?

Removing the burdens to jobs creators, like the threat of higher taxes and more regulations, would create jobs right now. Freeing up more capital for businesses to expand and grow instead of using it to comply with onerous regulations would create jobs now.

We’ve seen how well the President’s policies have worked over the last 3 years. It’s time to enact conservative principles that have actually worked in the past (e.g. Reagan tax cuts and Bush tax cuts). We don’t need another bubble (.com, housing or otherwise), we need long-term sustainable growth.

Job creators need certainty, and the games that the Obama Administration are playing with tax threats and regulations do not help move an economy in trouble.

P.S. for anyone who believes cutting taxes didn’t work during the Bush Administration, I would direct you here.

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