Watch Out! The Super Committee is Eyeing Tax Increases

In August, Congress passed and the President signed the Budget Control Act (BCA) of 2011, which increased the debt ceiling (again!) and set up a bizarre legislative process to “streamline” deficit reduction. Conservatives opposed the BCA, and for good reason!  The so-called “super committee” is tasked to tackle our nation’s dangerously mounting debt. One look at Europe, and the stakes are abundantly clear.  Our nation needs serious, fundamental reforms.

Unfortunately, the “super committee” is eyeing serious tax increases to meet their $1.2 trillion deficit reduction goal. $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction doesn’t sound like a lot considering we’re nearly $15 trillion in debt. What does sound like a lot is an additional $130 billion in new taxes every year for the next 10 years (that’s $1.3 trillion, for those counting at home). Because with the hard line “soak the rich” mentality that liberals have taken, any attempt in the future to cut taxes and spur economic growth will be vilified by the left as a handout to the wealthy. Thus, the tax hikes are more than likely permanent.

Amazingly, though, not all Republicans – and many so-called conservatives – are willing to take massive tax hikes off the table. According to news reports, more than 100 House members – Republicans and Democrats alike – sent a letter to the “super committee” urging a “big, grand bargain – taking nothing off the table.” In Washington, that is code for a tax increase.

Conservatives must make it abundantly clear to Congress that tax increases will not solve our problems and therefore should not be part of the solution.

Also included in the Democrats’ deficit reduction plan is about $1.7 trillion in budget gimmicks, most of these relating to cutting provider reimbursements for Medicare treatments. These kinds of cuts were included in Obamacare, and while the left claims them as making adjustments to their “sacred cow” the result is nonexistent. As always, whenever provider payments are cut, years later those cuts are overridden with a “doc fix.” The “savings” never materialize, but the claims of cuts and reform are made immediately.

That is why real spending cuts are needed, to both discretionary and mandatory programs. Wasteful programs and agencies that don’t need government funding (like NPR and energy subsidies) need to be cut. Government needs to get out of industries where it doesn’t belong (which is most of them) and entitlements need real reform (like the Ryan budget or Heritage’s Saving the American plan). Remember, the government has been promising people far more than it can realistically provide. Much like Greece, our current path is unsustainable.

Conservatives must also make it absolutely clear to Congress that spending cuts must be real, not typical Washington-style gimmicks.

Further cuts to defense will also cripple our country by weakening our military. Remember, $350 billion was already cut from the military in the first round of the debt ceiling increase. Additionally, military spending was also cut during the short-term CRs and remaining budget bills earlier this year.  To be clear, our nation’s military is already suffering a readiness and capabilities crisis!  Further cuts to an already underfunded military are irresponsible and dangerous.

What President Obama, liberals and even some Republicans would have you believe is that we have to accept some damaging defense cuts in the “super committee” package to avoid the automatic sequestering which occurs if a deal is not reached. That would slice  an additional $600 billion in security spending over the next ten years, much of it from our nation’s military.  Conservatives should not be frightened into voting for a bad debt deal from the Super Committee that includes massive tax hikes or cuts to defense, just to avoid sequestering. Refuse the bad debt deal, then stop the sequester. Conservatives should not give into Washington’s kabuki theater.

Conservatives must reject Washington’s kabuki theater, which would have you believe that you must accept some dangerous cuts to avoid more damaging cuts. 

The bottom line is this: the so-called super committee is poised to do some super damage to our economy by raising taxes. Conservatives must reject tax increases, demand real spending cuts and reject the dangerous game being played with our nation’s defense.

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