Monitoring President Obama’s Stimulus 2.0

Earlier this morning, President Obama told the media he was “ready to sign” the American Jobs Act, also known as Stimulus 2.0.  Let’s set aside the tried-and-failed policies contained in the stimulus and look at a measure of Congressional support – legislative co-sponsorships.

In the House, H.R.12, the American Jobs Act, was introduced “by request” on September 21 and has ZERO co-sponsors.

In the Senate, S.1549, the American Jobs Act, was introduced on September 13 and has, you guessed it, ZERO co-sponsors.

It is clear the bill does not have the support to pass either the House or the Senate, which may be why Members of Congress aren’t willing to put their name beside a bill that advocates tax increases and policies proven to be ineffective and unpopular.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin – a Democrat at 8% on Heritage Action’s scorecard – summed it up by saying, “The ugly part of that act is $450 billion of spending, after we’ve spent, spent, spent.”  If an 8-percenter is saying that, just imagine what conservatives think about the plan!  Of course, Senator Manchin is probably well aware that President Obama has just a 32% approval rating in West Virginia.

Heritage Action will keep you up to date on Stimulus 2.0 and the lack of support in the U.S. Congress for more spending, waste and debt.

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