Heritage Action’s Week in Review

Heritage Action has received a swarm of press this week regarding our scorecard. It all started Monday morning, when The Daily Rundown’s Chuck Todd asked MSNBC correspondent Luke Russert about Republicans quitting the Republican Study Committee. Luke Russert responded by saying the Members who have left felt the organization is “too conservative” and that groups like Heritage Action have very tough scorecards, you can watch the exchange here.

This theme continued on MSNBC Thursday afternoon, when Martin Bashir asked Mr. Russert if Republicans are ignoring the polls, and Mr. Russert responded by saying Republicans are afraid to get a bad score on our scorecard.

On Friday we were given our chance to respond. Our CEO, Michael Needham, appeared on The Daily Rundown to discuss our scorecard and the impact it is having in the conservative movement, most notably as a tool to open a dialogue between Members and their constituents.

And what about our scorecard? Well it’s still making headlines across the country, including a quick mention on The Right Direction discussing the New Jersey Congressional Delegation’s scores.

We’ve also received some more pushback from the Establishment. The National Review Online reported on the two opposing views of our organization:

“Not surprisingly, congressional Republicans have mixed feelings about the group — with some suggesting that it is rapidly marginalizing itself by trying to make agreement with its tactical views into a litmus test of conservatism, and others saying that the Republicans need the kind of tough love Heritage Action dispenses.”

And John Murray, a top adviser to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, is not happy about our tough scores:

“We put things out, and Heritage Action [another conservative group] attacks us for it. I think there’s a lane for a muscular communications and political operation that is helping push the message of the pro-growth agenda in the Republican House.”

We make no apologies for our tough scores, without them, the status quo would be allowed to continue.

We also had good feedback from one of our previous blog posts about Wall Street donations going to Democrats who support Occupy Wall Street. Tiffany Gabbay of The Blaze picked up the blog and asks the following question:

“With key Democrats consistently blasting the financial services industry while showing support for the Occupy movement, will the substantial Wall Street dollars now cease to flow into Democratic coffers?”

It’s interesting to note that in the comments section of that article, people are calling for the chart we made to be put on protest signs and circulated on flyers to the “occupiers.”

Dan Turkette, a.k.a. Angry White Boy mentioned the blog on his website, saying that the post “highlights the hypocrisy of the democrat’s support for the hippie Occupy Wall Street movement.”

The Locker Room’s Mitch Kokai also linked to this particular blog, focusing on the actual quotes of four Democrats who have supported the movement while raking in Wall Street cash.

Last, but certainly not least, Earl Capps wrote on his blog:

“While the Occupy protestors rant about corporate greed and bailouts, that anger seems oddly focused. Unlike the Tea Party groups railed against corporate bailouts by the current administration as well as against Republicans they perceived as having supported past bailouts, the Occupy groups seem to direct very little anger at fiscal cronyism by the current President and the Democratic Party, which seems to go hand-in-hand with increasingly-open alliances between Occupy groups and Democratic party leaders.”

What a week! A big thank you to all the dedicated bloggers who are helping to spread the message of conservatism across the country.

Your steadfast commitment to conservative principles is what drives us. Getting noticed by the press is how we know we’re making a difference.

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