Afternoon Blog Roundup

Big Government – Jason Hart  –  ‘We Are Ohio’ Uses $30 Million to Kill Union Reform
Big Government –  The New Ledger  –  China Comes to the Rescue of the Eurozone

The Foundry –   Mackenzie Eaglen  –  A Leaner, but Not Meaner, Military
The Foundry –   Lachlan Markay  –  Energy Department-Backed Company Under SEC Investigation

Hot Air –  Tina Korbe  – Poll: Democrats drive declining approval of Obamacare
Hot Air –  Ed Morrissey  –  NYT: Yes, Obama’s getting big bucks from lobbyists

National Review Online – Andrew Stiles  – The Supercommittee’s Dueling Budgets
National Review Online – Jonah Goldberg  – OWS Needs a Republican President

Newsmax –  Inside Cover  –  Kaiser Poll: Opposition to Obamacare Hits Highest Point
Newsmax –  Inside Cover  – Boehner: No More Defense Cuts

Red State –  Daniel Horowitz  –  The CBO Has Been Occupied by OWS’s Intellectual Inequality

Townhall –  David Limbaugh  –  Obama’s Illusory Student Loan Scheme
Townhall –  Bill Tatro  –  The World Needs a Better Band-Aid for Europe

The Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper  –  ‘You Are Exactly What the GOP Needs Right Now’
The Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper  –  ‘The Biggest, Thorniest Bur in Barack Obama’s Saddle’

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