Afternoon Blog Roundup

Big Government – Rebekah Rast – The High Cost of Federally Owned Lands
Big Government – John Horton – EPA Appears Willing to Change Enforcement Date on Flawed Air Pollution Rules, Then Does Nothing

The Foundry – David Weinberger – Does ‘Austerity’ Work?
The Foundry – Jen Gieselman & Spencer Irvine – What Kirchner’s Win in Argentina Means for the U.S.

Hot Air – Ed Morrissey – Oakland reoccupied?

National Review Online – Greg Pollowitz – WaPost Doubles Down on its Rubio Story
National Review Online – Victor Hanson – Global Warming — RIP?

Newsmax – Michael Reagan – Supporters of Competing GOP Tax Plans Must Unite 

RedState – Labor Union Report – Occupy This: Free Enterprise, It’s More Than An Idea & It Works
RedState – Brad Jackson – The Need for Real School Reform and the Obstacles it Faces 

Townhall – John Ransom – Obama Creates Another Set of Serfs
Townhall – Daniel Doherty – Congressman Paul Ryan Outlines Path to Economic Prosperity

The Weekly Standard – Thomas Donnelly – Devaluing the Concurrency
The Weekly Standard – Michael Warren – Teachers’ Unions and Conservatives Unite on Education . . . against the Obama administration

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