Afternoon Blog Roundup

Big Government – The New Ledger  –  An Unprecedented 26 Million Americans are Underemployed
Big Government –  Publius  –  Stimulus Funds Paid Foreign Workers in Oregon

The Foundry –   James Carafano  –  Lessons of Libya
The Foundry –   Morgan Roach  –  Arab Autumn: Elections, Crackdowns, and Sectarian Tensions Part II

Hot Air –  Allahpundit  – Obama’s raised more money for Democrats from Wall Street donors than all Republican candidates combined
Hot Air –  Ed Morrissey  – Green-jobs success: Jobs created … in Finland

National Review Online – The Editors  – Bailout Lite
National Review Online – Richard Vedder & Andrew Gillen  – The Solution to Student-Loan Debt

Newsmax –  InsideCover  – Clinton Warns of Tough Action If Militants Don’t Cooperate
Newsmax –  Martin Gould  – Obama: US Led NATO to Libya Victory

Townhall –  Katie Pavlich  – ATF Ignored Death Threats, Tried to Frame Whistleblower Agent to Cover Corruption
Townhall –  Michelle Malkin  – Robin Hood vs. the Occupiers

The Weekly Standard – Michael Warren  – Senate Blocks First Piece of Obama Jobs Bill
The Weekly Standard – Michael Warren  – Gallup: Obama Quarterly Approval Hits New Low

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