Afternoon Blog Roundup

Big Government – Brandon Darby –  Emails Expose the True Nature of the #Occupy Movement
Big Government –  Don Loos –  Union Boss Hoffa: Right to Work Freedom ‘Is a Conspiracy’

The Foundry –   Jen Gieselman –  Why the New FTAs Should Be Embraced
The Foundry –   Mike Brownfield –  Morning Bell: Why Obamacare Might Cost You a Job

Hot Air –  Ed Morrissey – Issa subpoenas WH aide in Fast & Furious probe
Hot Air –  Ed Morrissey – MSNBC analyst: The OWS movement really needs a “Kent State moment”

National Review Online – Victor Davis Hanson – Predator-in-Chief
National Review Online – Charles Krauthammer  – The Scapegoat Strategy

Newsmax –  Hiram Reisner – Trump: Obama’s Business Experience Limited to House Buying
Newsmax –  Martin Gould and Ashley Martella – Rep. Rogers: Iran Assassination Plot Crosses ‘Very Dangerous Threshold’

Red State –  LaborUnionReport  – AFL-CIO Backs #OccupyWallSt Protesters’ Fighting ‘Evictions’ from ‘Their Home’

Townhall –  Pat Buchanan  – Is the New World Order Unraveling?
Townhall –  Mona Charen  – Obama’s Weakness Invited Iran’s Plot

The Weekly Standard – Robert Zarate  – Panetta: Further Cuts Will ‘Truly Devastate Our National Defense’

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