Afternoon Blog Roundup

Big Government – Alexander Burns – Romney: Vote for me or Cain
Big Government – Publius – Democrats Launch Petition in Support of #OccupyWallStreet Protests

The Foundry – Todd Thurman – The Future of School Choice
The Foundry – Mike Brownfield – Morning Bell: Who Is Responsible for Protecting America?

Hot Air – Allahpundit – Change: Cain now leads Perry nationally and in New Hampshire

National Review Online – Robert Costa – Behind Bachmann’s Slide
National Review Online – Rich Lowry – The Businessman Canard – Newsmax Wires – Scarborough Denounces Pastor’s Questioning of Romney’s Faith – Henry J. Reske – Lieberman Will Oppose Obama’s Jobs Bill

RedState – Brian Darling – This Week in Washington – October 11, 2011

The Weekly Standard – Daniel Halper – ‘Obama By the Numbers’
The Weekly Standard – Cathy Young – He’s Back

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