What a Difference Half a Year Makes

Heritage Action’s CEO Michael Needham and COO Tim Chapman penned an article for National Review Online about the sudden turnaround from conservatives in Congress. While polling may show that Americans despised the budget and debt ceiling battles from earlier this year, saving the country is worth the negative press coverage from an Establishment media:

“The ultimate losers of last spring’s showdown were Harry Reid and his obstructionist colleagues in the Senate. With the House calling for $61 billion in cuts out of a $1.6 trillion deficit, Reid was left defending the indefensible — calling it “mean spirited” to eliminate the small federal contribution to Nevada’s annual Cowboy Poetry Festival.”

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) said it perfectly yesterday:

“But the point is that we should not fear false attacks again in 2012. Fear and demagoguery are the last refuges of an intellectually bankrupt party – and the moment calls for leaders who are not afraid to be honest with people about how they would solve the problems we face.”

Good policy makes good politics.  Fighting for reduced spending and lower taxes is a winning and worthwhile argument.

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