Super Secret Super Committee

I’m not sure if anyone really expected the super committee tasked with finding at least $1.2 trillion in savings over the next ten years to be very transparent. And it’s not.

Did you know they’ve been meeting?

The 12 Members of Congress aren’t even discussing what goes on in these closed-door meetings. From Politico:

“The panel met for roughly 6½ hours in the Capitol, and when its members left, they wouldn’t answer basic, innocuous questions about the policies they were discussing nor specify when the next meeting would take place.”

So we, the American people, are not even allowed to know what spending cuts or tax increases they’re considering? This is exactly why Americans have been skeptical of the super committee. On one hand, one might fear what’s in the bill. On the other hand, it seems we might not even know what spending has been cut or taxes have been raised until the bill is whisked away to Congress to be voted on. With this level of secrecy, one might even think the bill will be voted on in the dead of night.

How are we supposed to know what the committee is discussing? What changes will come to our country? And why is this committee meeting in secrecy when both the Obama administration and the new wave of conservatives have both claimed they want transparency?

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