Stimulus Jobs Created? N/A

A trip over to the Department of Energy’s Loan Program Office’s website will find this little gem:

Notice the right side of the image where it says “Perm Jobs Created or Saved: N/A.” So much for that $535 million of taxpayer money, huh?

It seems the Solyndra bankruptcy just keeps getting worse and worse (yet the liberal media pretends it either doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter). Yesterday we learned from Townhall’s Guy Benson that President Obama was personally briefed on the dangers of investing in Solyndra, yet he forged ahead with the loan anyway, wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.

And it doesn’t stop there. With all the revelations coming out about this scandal almost daily, along with the calls from Members of Congress and the American people to stop these loans, the Department of Energy has just guaranteed a $737 million loan to a Nevada Solar project. So when Solyndra failed with $535 million of taxpayer money, why not give even more money to another company?

I hope they checked out this company better than they checked out Solyndra.

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