Some Dems Oppose Pres. Obama’s Jobs Plan

Opposition to the President’s jobs plan is growing, even with liberals.

When even they start to question the effectiveness of the level of new spending, something is wrong. According to USA Today:

“Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia questioned the level and effectiveness of spending. Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia opposed raising income taxes on upper-income Americans to pay for it, while Sens. Mark Begich of Alaska and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana said taxing oil and gas companies was unfair.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), of course, still claims that Democrats will – and need to – back the plan and pass it. Pelosi, as you may recall, refuses to give up on the first stimulus.

All this raises questions as to how vulnerable liberals will eventually vote, as some see this President and his policies as a liability – as demonstrated in the recent New York special election, where Democratic candidate David Weprin ran from this administration’s policies.

The plan itself is nothing new, nor do business leaders feel it will even create jobs. As for the President hoping this plan would boost his poll numbers and jumpstart his re-election bid, he comes up short.

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