Remember Elizabeth Oxhorn? Didn’t Think So…

President Obama’s first stimulus created at least one well-paying job as promised – to Elizabeth Oxhorn, the law’s spokeswoman.

According to the transparency website Legistorm, Ms. Oxhorn is the “Recovery Act Press Secretary.”  I am sure Ms. Oxhorn is a fine person, but why does this program needs its own spokeswoman? I thought that was Vice President Biden’s job!

I suppose it is one job President Obama can claim was created by the stimulus, but a preliminary Google search finds just one story including her name. So perhaps not a very productive job, but a job.

And beyond that, some of the $800+ billion dollars goes to employ her. Remember that President Obama’s own economists reported that each job “created” by the stimulus cost taxpayers $278,000. So far, Ms. Oxhorn has made roughly $200,000 as spokeswoman for the law.  It’s a bargain!

(WARNING: obligatory Solyndra connection!)

Ms. Oxhorn also sat in on a conference call with other administration officials just before President Obama visited the now-bankrupt solar energy panel producer Solyndra. During the call, which included reporters, a question came up about the audit by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, which expressed concern about the company.

Now we have a new stimulus that the President is pushing. According to an estimate by a Harvard economist, taxpayers will be on the hook for $200,000 per job for this stimulus.  Ms. Oxhorn must be the new baseline. According to The Weekly Standard:

“Amazingly, at a time when the federal government is $14,768,000,000,000 in debt and is spending $7 for every $4 it takes in, Geithner actually said, “We can borrow money for 10 years as the government of the United States because people have confidence in this country at less than 2 percent.” He added, “The responsible path now is to take advantage of the unique position we’re in as a country. People have a lot of confidence in us. Let’s take advantage of that now to do things that help growth in the short-term.”

So, because we’re America, we can just borrow massive amounts that will cripple us in the future for minor short-term solutions that aren’t solutions at all?

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