House Votes on CR Today

After all the back and forth and strange disagreements, the House of Representatives is expected to vote by unanimous consent today on the Senate-passed continuing resolution (CR).

The bill to be voted on only lasts through Tuesday, when the House will return and vote on the rest of the CR. This bill does not include $1 billion for FEMA for the rest of this year, since the agency said the money was unnecessary.

The debate centered around how much disaster aid to give FEMA and how much to offset. But since FEMA didn’t need additional funds for 2011, the offsets could be taken out as well. The CR to be voted on by the House has $2.65 billion for FEMA to get through November 18th.

We know that the recent hurricanes have left a path of destruction up and down the east coast, but we also know that President Obama’s FEMA declares a federal disaster every 2 and a half days.

Let’s hope we don’t have 7 natural disasters between October 1st and the 18th, as the Obama Administration would have us believe.

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