Conservatives Win Two Special Elections

As predicted, conservatives won both a special election in Nevada and New York last night. The Nevada race was initially expected to be close, but it turned out to be a landslide . What was astounding was Bob Turner’s defeat of David Weprin by a full 8 points in a district that had not elected a Republican in more than 80 years.

There was no third party candidate to siphon votes from Weprin, which happened earlier this year in a different New York special election. No, this election was between two candidates; one from the President’s party who desperately tried to run from those policies and who didn’t know how large the national debt was, and a conservative cable executive who ran against President Obama’s policies.

While liberals tried desperately to falsely claim that conservatives wanted to “end Medicare,” as they did in the special election earlier this year, it just didn’t work. This election was a referendum on President Obama and his policies of the last two and a half years.

Voters are tired of his endless campaigning and lack of policies. They see his new jobs plan for what it is: a rehash of his original stimulus. With 9.1% unemployment, American’s can’t afford to make the same mistake twice. A new Bloomberg poll shows that Americans have little faith that the President’s new plan will actually lower unemployment.

The lesson for conservatives: not to abandon conservative principles for political expediency. Unfortunately, that is exactly what one senior GOP aide told Roll Call earlier this week:

“With the public having more confidence in Obama than in Republicans, it is critical for the GOP to find common ground with Democrats and move on.”

Finding “common ground” cannot come at the expense of bending conservative principles in order to avoid a fight. We are at a tipping point as a country, which needs strong conservatives to hold fast to their core beliefs. Calling a truce for the next 14 months is not an option.

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