Blockbuster call reports

Yesterday, we asked our activists to call their Representatives and ask why no one objected to a voice vote that established six months of higher transportation spending than the House-passed budget.

Within an hour, hundreds of activists called their Representative’s DC office and sent us quality call reports. These reports helped us understand what House offices were saying about the voice vote and that conservatives were successfully raising the alarm.

Here are some call report highlights:

One office said that the super committee would fix this vote:

…were extended separately and they will be looked at by the Super Committee later.

Others didn’t know what the vote was on, much less that it upped spending levels above the House-passed budget:

Both offices didn’t even know what the bill was all about, about which I was making reference to. I had to explain to the individuals in the offices all about the voice vote that added even more money than what was already allotted.

The more calls on one issue, the more staffers and offices will take note:

The aid answered the phone and he said he was waiting for the Representative to return so that he could ask him.  Apparently, many people have called objecting to the vote.

They had a couple of calls on this. They can get an answer in the next day or so, then said just a minute. I’m holding while I write this. They took my comment and said hopefully they would have an answer in the next day or so, and to call back.

It’s very important for activists to follow up on these kinds of responses and keep us at Heritage Action posted when they get an official response:

I talked to an aid and his initial response was this was a voice vote, I then asked whether any Rep could have asked for a recorded vote and he said YES. I asked why our Rep did not do this and he said he did not know, would find out, and release info on that. A very good response!

Always good for conservatives to make strong statements, which will leave a lasting impression with the office:

 I stated that I did not support the kind of spending of our money that includes budgeting a fixed amount with promises of spending curbs then an arbitrary decision to ignore the spending promises.

Keep making calls and sending us the results. Together, we can push Congress to stay accountable to spending cuts.

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