American Poverty Rate Rises

The U.S. Census Bureau has released its report on 2010 poverty statistics. The news is not good. It seems that now nearly 1 in 6 Americans are impoverished, up from 1 in 7 the previous census.

This despite, as Townhall’s Guy Benson points out, President Obama claiming his $800 billion dollar stimulus boondoggle would “lift two million Americans from poverty.”

Nice try, Mr. President. The U.S. poverty rate has risen to 15.1%, up from 14.3% just two years ago. This means that 46 million Americans are now classified as living in poverty, the largest number since the Census began tracking this number in 1959.

That is an astounding number considering the Stimulus I was supposed to be so great for the economy, and the new Stimulus II is likewise supposed to help.

Want real solutions? Read The Heritage Foundation’s Saving the American Dream.

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