Afternoon Blog Roundup

Big Government–Andrew Taylor–Congress Dodges Shutdown After Disaster Aid Fight
Big Government–Ben Forer–$200K Per Job? Timothy Geithner Says White House Jobs Plan Is Still a Bargain

The Foundry–Lachlan Markay–Documents Show ATF Bought Guns with Taxpayer Money to Give to Drug Cartels
The Foundry–Ariel Cohen-What Putin’s Return to the Presidency Means

Hot Air–Ed Morrissey–Should conservatives be clamoring for a Christie candidacy?
Hot Air–Ed Morrissey–NYT: Palin’s sudden silence could mean…

National Review Online–Daniel Pipes–Is Turkey Going Rogue?
National Review Online–Mona Charen–‘Racists’ for Cain

News Max–Greg McDonald–Harris Poll: Romney, Ron Paul Best Obama
News Max–Henry J. Reske–Fish Exposed to Gulf Oil Spill Show Abnormalities

Red State–Red Horowitz–GOP Plans to Cave on Transportation Spending

The Weekly Standard–Irfan Al-Alawi and Stephen Schwartz–Saudi Arabia Grants Women Limited Election Rights

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