President Obama “Pivots” to Jobs

We’ve heard this one before. Actually, we’ve heard this several times before. As the RNC quickly pointed out, President Obama has made at least 6 such claims since 2009. He’s continually claimed that jobs are his number one priority, even while actually focusing on his healthcare takeover bill, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, START and the DREAM Act. His stimulus did not stimulate the economy, it did not create or save jobs as promised and only added to our debt.

So now, after the debt limit debate is somewhat over, the President – again – says he is going to pivot towards job creation. But what are his plans?

Well we all know he wants to raise taxes on job creators, including small businesses and family farmers. We know he wants to spend more of your tax dollars on his pet projects like jobs for union workers. And we know he wishes the oil and gas industry no longer existed.

During Congress’ August Recess, President Obama will be on a fundraising tour. He will also be visiting the “Rust Belt” states in order to promote his jobs agenda. His jobs agenda which includes giving certain industries huge subsidies in order to shore up votes in these battleground states.

But with the spending caps imposed by the recent debt limit, the President can no longer simply handout funds to industries he favors. Instead, he will have to create new subsidies and tax loopholes (which he now so often rails against, so long as he doesn’t like the industry receiving the tax credits). Another trick he might use is to give guaranteed grants to companies he favors.

All of these are designed as backdoor subsidies to industries which he believes people should work. In reality, he should level the playing field, agree to remove all subsidies and tax loopholes, lower tax rates to a more competitive level, reduce regulations on businesses so that they can actually create jobs and spend capital, and stop believing that the government is the answer to all of life’s problems and the only entity which can create jobs.

But that’s just wishful thinking. With a Senate that is in lockstep with this administration, it will be awhile before businesses can breathe a sigh of relief (by knowing what their tax rate will be, how much regulations will cost and how much healthcare will cost) and actually create jobs again.

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