Obama Appointees Oppose Defense Cuts

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta are warning of the dangers of large defense cuts. It’s about time! As much as liberals (and the President) like to claim the conservatives in the House have not given an inch, they have. Bluntly, this has been a very painful year for the Defense Department.

The Continuing Resolution cut a couple billion from Defense and the FY2012 DoD Appropriations bill was about $18 billion below requested levels. Not to mention that the initial phase of the debt ceiling increase included $350 billion in defense cuts over the next ten years, or $35 billion a year. Now remember, these “cuts” only restrain future spending, but cuts of this size, and the threat of an additional $500 billion over the next ten years (another $50 billion a year, for a total of $85 billion a year) starts to add up.

No other department is getting this kind of harsh treatment. The men and women of the military are becoming the cash cows of the liberal welfare state. Not even entitlements, which account for more than 40% of the federal budget, have not received such cuts. Yes, the debt deal trigger will cut Medicare reimbursement rates, but that is something that is already built into law and never followed through on because doctors would be less inclined to take Medicare patients.

The fact that Clinton and Panetta are now warning against further cuts should open President Obama’s eyes. It seems as though the Defense Department has received the most heat under this administration, and it can’t be used as a levy against tax hikes. It’s not fair to our servicemen and women. Gutting defense is not the answer. Removing programs that don’t need government funding, ending tax loop holes and subsidies (then lowering tax rates) and reforming entitlements (this country needs to finally admit that the promises made under these programs are just not able to be kept) are the answer.

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