“Impatient” Americans

Before heading off to Martha’s Vineyard for ten days,  President Obama is tried out a new line on his summer bus tour – Americans are “impatient.”

The President gave his take on the American people’s outlook to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer:

They say look, he’s the President and we think he has good intentions, but we are impatient and want things to move faster. 

Why would Americans be impatient?  Because President Obama’s unemployment record is dreadful.


Unemployment has averaged 9.4% under President Obama, significantly higher than Presidents Bush (5.3%) and Clinton (5.2%).  Three years ago, then-candidate Obama’s sweeping rhetoric resonated with the voters; now, Americans see he has no plan to drive down his massive deficits and empower job creators.  He’s failed to deliver “hope” and Americans are seriously reconsidering the “change” he’s saddled upon our country.

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