Debt Deal Wrap Up

The long, grueling, aggravating debt limit debate is over!

Unfortunately, everyone thinks the liberals got taken to the cleaners, when in reality, conservatives lost big. We wanted Cut, Cap, and Balance, but what we got was Add, Slow, and Tax. The 12-member committee will not work in our favor.

The committee requires 7 members to approve of the findings, that means just one out of the six conservatives that will be appointed needs to agree to tax hikes, and they’ll be accepted. That does not bode well. Granted, just one liberal needs to sign on to no tax hikes but given past history…

This plan still grows the government, supposedly at a slower rate than it would have had this deal not taken place. It doesn’t actually pay down our debt, it grows our debt. Cut, Cap, and Balance would have actually paid down our debt, but of course, doing something that will actually solve the problem is too “draconian” for liberals so they will vote it down every time.

Americans wanted a solution, they got a deal. Now that the deal is done, politicians have high-tailed it out of town for a month-long recess. What happens next? Besides the next battle over the budget, over regulations, taxes and the second part of the debt limit fight. Oh wait, that’s plenty to fight over.

Liberals have laid out their vision of America: soak the job creators, small businesses, and family farmers; and anyone who’s unemployed can go build roads. Conservatives need to change the message to helping our job creators actually create jobs, by removing burdensome regulations and lowering the tax rate so that they are globally competitive. We also need to remove all subsidies.

The top 2% of earners pay 40% of the tax burden while the bottom 50% of earners pay just 3% of the tax burden. You tell me if the wealthy “pay their fair share.” The only card the liberals have is this idea that the wealthy don’t pay anything in taxes and that apparently everyone else relies so heavily on government they’ll die if programs are cuts by even a penny.

Americans are smarter, and better than that. We know that the government is so entwined in business that companies are choking. We know that regulations and the new healthcare law have made it far more expensive to hire a new employee. We know that the government is too involved in our lives.

Now the question becomes, will Americans stand up for the few politicians that are actually fighting to let the free market create jobs and reduce government dependency?

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