Afternoon Blog Roundup

The Daily Caller – Amanda Carey – New love letter: TPaw lavished praise on Jon Huntsman

The Foundry – Ernest Istook – Our big government addiction must end
The Foundry – Ericka Andersen – Tele-med abortions no route to making abortion either safe or rare

Hot Air – Ed Morrissey – A few inconvenient truths getting in the way of the “inherited” meme
Hot Air – Tina Korbe – Roseanne Barr: Palin’s stealing my act

Newsmax – Forrest Jones – Pimco’s El-Erian: Gov’t policies hurting growth, recovery
Newsmax – Jim Meyers and Ashley Martella – Ron Paul: Debt deal is a ‘fraud’

Red State – Danial Horowitz – Roundup of the unemployment numbers
Red State – Soren Dayton – The Senate passes GOP FAA extension after White House freaks out

Townhall – Carol Platt Liebau – Dems can’t tax their way out of the deficit
Townhall – Jonah Goldberg – Grass trimmed, but landscaping postponed

The Weekly Standard – Mark Hemingway – Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., wants a regulatory moratorium pegged to unemployment
The Weekly Standard – William Kristol – Has the Left lost its nerve?

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