Afternoon Blog Roundup

Big Government – Dan Riehl – KY Gov Steve Beshear caught up in alleged strong-arm fundraising scandal

The Daily Caller – Matthew Boyle – Obama Scant on details from secret AFL-CIO meeting, critics bill up to more union favoritism
The Daily Caller – John Detrixhe – US keeps its grades up, Moody’s maintains AAA credit rating

The Foundry – Josh Shepherd – Ignited States of America

Hot Air – Ed Morrissey – Awww: Obama campaign to blame debt negotiations for lower fundraising this summer
Hot Air – Ed Morrissey – This “new civility” sure is impressive, no?

National Review Online – John Rosenthal – Why the Libya war?
National Review Online – The Editors – The next fight

Newsmax – T.M. Golub – Group Wants ‘Super Committee’ to Repeal Obamacare
Newsmax – Forrest Jones and Kathleen Walter –  Fox’s Boiling: Gold Could Hit $3,000 an Ounce if US Keeps Spending

Red State – Streiff – A rational shutdown strategy
Red State – Brad Jackson – How democracies keep the peace

Townhall – Michelle Malkin – Back to Big Government-Spending as usual
Townhall – John Stossel – Balancing the Budget

The Weekly Standard – Rebeccah Heinrichs – Monster’s Ball
The Weekly Standard – John McCormack – Marco Rubio, the anti-Obama


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