Afternoon Blog Roundup

Big Government – The New Ledger – Ignore the Media Spin, We Lost the Debt Ceiling Battle
Big Government – AWR Hawkins – Hard to Tell Where Palin Ends and the Tea Party Begins (and Vice Versa)

The Daily Caller – Amanda Carey – Vote count goes down to the wire, with overall dissatisfaction on new deal
The Daily Caller – Neil Munro – Tax increases still on Obama’s horizon

The Foundry – James Carafano – President’s Debt Ceiling Agreement A Raw Deal for National Security
The Foundry – Mike Brownfield – Could Britain’s Health Care Rationing Come to the States?

Hot Air – Jazz Shaw – Did Obama “scare the troops” about not getting paid?
Hot Air – Jazz Shaw – So our AAA credit rating is safe now, right?

National Review – Rich Lowry – Bolton: ‘Catastrophic’ Defense Cuts
National Review – Jim Geraghty – Will the Super-Committee Louse Up the Scare Granny Campaign?

News Max – Dan Weil – Obama’s Base Says He Caved to Tea Party
News Max – Hiram Reisner – McCain: I’d Have to ‘Swallow Hard’ on Defense Cuts

Red State – Daniel Horowitz – 9 Reasons to Oppose Boehner 4.0 Debt Deal
Red State – Skip MacLure – Such A Deal As There Never Was.

Town Hall – Katie Pavlich – Cloud of Uncertainty Over Economy Not Lifted With Debt Deal
Town Hall – Guy Benson – Dick Durbin Lies About Democrats’ Budget Failures

The Weekly Standard – Jeffrey H. Anderson – Obama’s Wildly Inaccurate Claim about ‘Domestic Spending’
The Weekly Standard – William Kristol – Decline is a Choice

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